Chiefly Island of Bau, Fiji

Bau played a critical role in the modernisation of Fiji in the 19th century. It was here that her chief’s consolidated most of the warring clans to eventually lead to the cession to Great Britain in 1874. The feared warriors of this small island and the sheer ancient beauty, can still he seen and felt on the island today. Here are some exclusive pictures of this very sacred place, and the location for the final episode for season 3 of Taste of Paradise.


Final episode for Season 03

Final episode for season 3! This delicious Caramel Fried Fish dish was inspired by the story of the first Chinese to Fiji and combined with the traditional foods of Fiji.


Locations of Season 03

From left to bottom right: Bau Island, Nasilai Village, Dilkusha Childrens Home, Tailevu Dairy Farm, Suva Market, Bounty Island, Lautoka, Nadi Market, Taveuni. Some of the locations for Season 3.

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